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Krri A. Kreger, D.P.T., P.A.
Doctor of Physical Therapy

2016 - 2017 Playing Rules
Whenever you and your friends play a game, someone usually asks up front, "Does everyone know the rules?" For each game or sport we play or watch, rules are essential. All participants must agree to play by the "rules of the game" which makes it fair and gives everyone a chance to win.

 In the sport of bowling, the USBC Playing Rules represent the framework for all USBC-certified league and tournament competition.

They make the sport of bowling fair for all players, no matter what their skill levels.
Click here to download (PDF) Rules book

Etiquette Information
A few simple guidelines to help make your bowling experience more pleasurable

Be ready to bowl when the pins are set, but wait until the pinsetter has completed its cycle and the sweep bar is raised to make your delivery. Throwing a ball before the machine is ready may damage the ball or equipment.

Observe one lane courtesy. The bowler on the right should bowl if both reach the approach at the same time. Stay off the approach while you wait.

Taking too long to aim or get set up when you are on the approach delays the game.

Try to remain in your approach area while delivering the ball.

Step off the approach once you have delivered the ball.

Good bowling requires concentration. Have fun, but keep in mind excessive movement or noise could be distracting when others are up to bowl.

Excessive "lofting" hurts your game and damages the lane.

Get permission to use another player's ball.

Refrain from using abusive language or obscene gestures.

Play the game to win, but be a gracious loser. Good sportsmanship is always the key to a successful game.

Wet shoes are a safety hazard, watch where you are walking.