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Sunday January 17th

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Last Week's Top 5 Bowler's
High Game
288 Williams, Bill
278 Koehler, Paul
269 Lue, Stan
268 Schmidt, Robert
268 Klein, Lou

245 Leitch, Audry
236 Martin, Corinne
234 Samways, Lisa
233 Murry, Shayawn
225 Leitch, Audry

High Series
752 Koehler, Paul
733 Schmidt, Robert
716 Heidebrecht, Darrin
716 Tyler, Bryan
712 Johnson, Alan

656 Leitch, Audry
627 Murry, Shayawn
597 Martin, Corinne
585 Samways, Lisa
584 Garcia, Karen

Top Bowler's will be updated every Sunday

Krri A. Kreger, D.P.T., P.A.
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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