League Bowler Information
Last Week's Top 5 Bowler's
High Game
258 Wild, Bill
248 Wilders, John
247 Hoffman, Bruce
246 Axton, David
243 Wallerstein, Michael

221 Brierton, Barbara
214 Snyder, Sally
209 Bombaci, Dotti
200 Sellers, Tammy
195 Sellers, Tammy

High Series
673 Mulholland, Cody
668 Axton, David
668 Wallerstein, David
657 Wallerstein, Michael
654 McCallister, Jeffrey

572 Sellers, Tammy
547 Samways, Lisa
529 Bombaci, Dotti
528 Brierton, Barbara
527 Bombaci, Dorothy

Krri A. Kreger, D.P.T., P.A.
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Top Bowler's will be updated every Sunday

2016 USBC Annual Meeting
The Orleans - Las Vegas, NV April 28-29, 2016 



League forms
Bowling Ettquette
Follow these and you won't make any rookie mistakes.

•Street shoes are not allowed

•First one on the approach goes first and, when in doubt, the person to the right goes first

•Keep your post-shot celebration (or anger) to your own lane

•Be ready when it's your turn to bowl

•Do not eat or drink in the bowling area

•Do not linger on the approach

•Have fun with your team, but be respectful of your opponents

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Memorial Day
Sunday May 29th

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